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Filter Press

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What is LZZG Filter Press?

LZZG filter press is a piece of sludge dewatering equipment that separates liquids and solids using pressure filtration. When working slurry is pumped into the filter press and dewatered under pressure.

The filter press is supplied for a wide application in municipal & industrial industries. Feed mud concentration always be 30%-40%, then mud will become mud cake and the humidity is around 20% after processed by the filter press. LZZG filter press is a kind of Plate and Frame Filter Press, we also provide Belt Filter Press.

Miain Components of Filter Press:


The 8 main components of a filter press: Hydraulic Station(Hydraulic Systems), Cylinder, Pressing Plate, Beam, Filter Plates, Push Plate, Filter Cloths, Filter Press Pump. The terms used to describe the components may vary slightly from different manufacturers, but the main function still remain the same. LZZG is the manufacturer of filter presses, any question inquiry us.

How Does Filter Press Work?

Slurry is pumped into the filter press, the mixture flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), the solids stay on the filter cloth, forming filter cake;  the filtrate exits the filter plates through the corner ports into the manifold, If it is not wanted the filtrate can be drained away for safe disposal.

Filter presse is a pressure filtration method, when filter press feed pump builds pressure, solids build up in chambers until they are completely chock-full of. Once the chambers are full of solids, a cycle is over and the filter cakes will release. Our plate and frame filter presses are designed for bad environment such as mines or chemical manufacturing plants, which can 24-hour operation.

Technology Advantages

  1. Filter plates are high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.
  2. The frame rack is high strength, stable structure, long service life.
  3. Automatic pull plate, liquid automatic access, operation panel is simple and safe, high degree of automation.
  4. Hydraulic system is used as the power unit, the maximum pressure is 25MPa.

Working Site

filter_press1 filter_press2

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Model Feed concentration (%) Filter area(m²) Power (kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
G50-80 20-40 50 15 1-1.5 3456 4110*1400*1230
G80-80 20-40 80 15 1-2 4584 4990*1400*1230
G100-100 20-40 100 24 2-3 6628 4900*1990*1600
G150-125 20-40 150 27.5 3-5 9800 6010*2000*1600
G200-125 20-40 200 35.5 4-6 12500 7050*2260*1600
G250-125 20-40 250 44.5 5-7 14000 7890*2260*1600
G300-125 20-40 300 52.5 6-8 25000 8800*2260*1925
G400-150 20-40 400 62.5 9-11 30000 10670*2260*1925
G500-150 20-40 500 82.5 11-12 36500 12350*2260*1925


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