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Safe Work Procedure of Filter Press Machine

The filter press machine is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment and is widely used in sludge dewatering projects. It is mainly composed of the transmission part, filter plate part, pressing plate part, thrust plate part and pressing device (mainly hydraulic pressing device), hydraulic system, electric control system and the auxiliary part.

safe work procedure of filter press machine

The filter cloth is mounted on both sides of the filter plate. Under the action of pressing device, the filter plate is pressed between the pressing plate and thrust plate, and a closed filtering space is formed between each two filter plates. When the feeding pump drives material into the closed filter space, the liquid phase is separated from liquid filter through filter cloth under the feeding pressure. The solid material is left in the closed filter space to form a filter cake to achieve solid-liquid separation. After the feed pump stops feeding, the pressure plate slowly loosen and remove the filter cake, thus completing a work cycle.

filter press machine

Safe work procedure and maintenance

1. Always keep the hydraulic system clean and stable, and prevent other debris from immersing and causing malfunctions.

2. During the pressure filtration process, the filter cloth should be kept flat, no wrinkles are allowed, and the filter cloth can be cleaned as appropriate.

3. Always check the filter cloth. If there is any leak, it should be replaced and sewn in time. When sewing the filter cloth, the leak should be cut off and then sewed to prevent overlapping on the sealing surface and increase the thickness of the filter cloth.

4. Regularly inject grease into the bearings, squirt oil to the drive chain and rails of the equipment, and remove dirt.

5. The hydraulic station in hydraulic system is a closed space, and the hydraulic oil will become less and less when it is used for a long time. When the hydraulic oil can no longer be used, the oil pump will idling, which may burn the motor and cause damage to the hydraulic system. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly replenish the oil system, change the oil, and clean the oil filter to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

6. When the hydraulic system oil temperature is lower than 10 °C, the heater can be used to raise the oil temperature.

7. Proper use of the equipment, especially do not open the filter press on an empty stomach, otherwise, the filter plate can be easily deformed, damaged, and even cause equipment paralysis.

8. Filter cloth is an indispensable part of the machine. When drying after cleaning, never make the filter cloth too dry.

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