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sludge treatment system,thickener,deep cone thickener

Sludge thickening and dewatering is two important stages in treating sludge. Thickening is the first step of sludge treatment in which the solids concentration is increased and the total sludge volume is correspondingly decreased, Thickening commonly produces sludge solids concentrations between 15% and 20%, LZZG Deep Cone Thickener results in maximum water recovery, maximum underflow density, can help to save the downstream costs.

Dewatring process reduces the most moisture content of the sludge. LZZG use filter press(mechanical dewatering) for dewatering. Separate liquids and solids utilizes the principle of pressure drive, after the mechanical dewatering process, the sludge will results in a 95% reduction in volume, which will be convenient for storage and transportation. Most overflows will be recycled or reusing.

Sludge treatment system is imporatant in treating solid waste. It minimizes the water waste, enabling the re-treatment of sludges so that they can be easily stock or landfill.

LZZG sludge treatment system is consist of Deep Cone Thickener and Filter Press, The systems usually used after sand washing machine, dewatering screen, tailing dewatering screen or sand recycling machines, widely applied for wastewater treatment of sandstone aggregate plant, precious metal dressing plant, ceramics, glass and other industries.

Deep Cone Thickener

LZZG Deep Cone Thickener Advantages

1. Deep Cone design result in maximum water recovery, maximum underflow density.

2. Design without pickets and rakes can be more economical.

3. Automatic cleaning, automatic discharge slurry, reduce manual operation;

4. Made of qualified carbon steel (or stainless steel, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.), with good strength and corrosion resistance;

5. Low flocculant cost, big capacity, high efficiency, stable performance;

6. Small volume, small floor space, reduced cost for sludge disposal;

7. The purified water can totally reach to national standard of discharge and can be recycled.

Deep cone thickener,thickener,Mining Thickener

How Does Sludge Treatment System Work

sludge treatment system

Waste water from wash plant feed into deep cone thickener, the concentration of waste water could be enhanced from 2% ~ 15% to 60%~ 70% by the machine, the clear water is overflow from the upper part of the thickener, achieve the purpose of sludge concreate and solid-liquid separation. Then, thicnened sludge is pumped into filter press or belt filter press for mechanical dewatering. Finally, get drier mud cake with moisture content below 30%.

Sludge Treatment System for Sand Washing Plant



Model Feed concentration (%) Capacity (m³/h) Tank height (mm) Tank volume (m³) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall size (mm)
S-3030 ≤15 ≤50 3000 28 20.2 6.5 3478*3025*7860
S-3060 ≤15 ≤100 6000 50 27.2 9 3478*3025*10860
S-6030 ≤15 ≤150 3000 120 36 14 6585*6080*9400
S-6040 ≤15 ≤200 5000 160 43 17.5 6585*6080*10400
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