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LZ Sand Washing & Recycling Machine

Sand Washing Machine

LZZG sand washing machine is also called sand washer, which adopted advanced technology of high efficient sand washing according to real situations of sand markets to meet the demand for cleaner and drier sands.

LZZG sand washer combined wheel sand washing machine with characteristics of sand recycling machine, making it a compact multiple function sand washing plant(we also call it sand washing & recycling machine).

This new type LZZG sand washing machines have the features of high washing quality, dehydration rate, large capacity and low energy consumption. And the most important point is that there is very little sand loss during the sand washing process. It can remove ultra fines -150 microns from artificial sand and natural sand, finally get output sand dewatered to 12% moisture content.

LZZG sand washer is widely used for crushing sand, gravel, aggregate, river sand, lake sand or sea sand washing, dewatering and classifying.

Sand Washing Machine


Sand Washing Plant Site
  • 1.Higher sand quality, lower moisture content.
  • 2.Recycled fine size 0.16-3mm sand, lower mud content.
  • 3.Compact structure, multiple functions, easy install, convenient maintenance, small occupation area.
  • 4.High capacity, after this sand washer 95% sand can be washed.
  • 5.Solve sedimentation tank cleaning problem, higher economical profit.
  • 6.The sand washing machines whose transmission gear is separated from water and sand in order to reduce the failure .

Working Principle

Washing: When sand washing machine working, the impellors run slowly with the sand washer motor after decelerated by the decelerator, gears wheel and belt. The sand and stone flow into washing tank from feeding launder grinds with each other and rolls with the impellor slowly, the impurities covered in sand is washing out.
At the same time, the washing water will take some wastes and impurities away from washing tank also. The washed sand and stone is lifted up by impellor. When it rolls up slowly, the water begins to drop through the meshes and fall back in the washing tank, the water can be fully used. Finally, the clean sand and stone goes out of the washing tank and the washing process is over.

Recycling: The use of hyrocyclones in sand washing machines is the most efficiency method for sand washing process, because it lets to recovery sand without losing fines.
When working, the waste water pruduced during the washing process is extracted by slurry pump, and feeding into hydrocyclone, then the 0.074-3mm fine sand will be recycled in the cyclone.

Dewatering: Coarse sand (3-10mm) and fine sand (0.074-3mm) are fed onto polyurathane screen panels for dewatering, after dewatering process the water content is in 8-12% and can be conveyed, piled up or transported.


  • Polyurethane Screen Mesh
  • Screen Box
  • Sand Washing Effect
  • High Pressure Spring
  • Vibrating Motor

Part Specifications

Name LZ sand washing & recycling machine
Model LZ26-35-1224 LZ26-55-1530 LZ30-65-1530J LZ30-75-1842D LZ36-120-2448J
Power (kw) 28.4 33.5 47 59 97
Separator Specs (mm) 350 250*2 300*2 350*2 300*4
Feed size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Water(m³/h) 80-120 100-140 120-180 160-240 240-360
Sand Production(t/h) Lowest 50 80 80 100 150
Highest 80 100 120 140 200
Weight(kg) 4935 5392 7500 10615 15480
Overall Dimension (LxWxH)(mm) 5800×5200×2750 5800×5560×2750 6700×5560×3600 8020*5560*3670 9280×6450×4100


Sand Washing Videos

Hot Modular Wash Plant

With the increasing demand for high-quality fine sand in the market, it is more and more important to improve the efficiency of sand washing, reduce the loss of fine sand, make full use of water resources and reduce operation costs. LZZG developed DS Multi Function Modular Wash Plant.

Modular Wash Plants are made up of three parts: screw sand washer, wheel sand washing machine, dewatering screen and hydrocyclones, which makes sand washing more efficient and energy saving.

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