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Sand Recycling System

Why Sand Recycling Machine

Now the sand making plant mostly utilize a wet production craftwork in the sand processing treatment. The biggest problem that existing in the artificial sand production line is the out flow rate of the fine sand, some times, the proportion can reach more than 20%.

The flowing out fine sand decrease the quality of sand, it cause bad sand grading and rough modulus. Excessive sand emisson also pollute the environment. So the fine sand extraction machine is urgently needed.

LZZG sand recycling machine manages to resolve this flaw. Effectively reduce the quality of fine sand losing , and make it in the reasonable scope of 5-10%.



LZ series sand recycling system has absorbed foreign advanced technology, and designed combined with sand field actual situation. The fine material can be recycled as high as 95%, with incomparable technical and economic advantages.

Stable Vibration

Sand extraction machine has stable vibration to make sure the high efficiency and the low losing of fine sand.

Long Service Life

LZ series sand recycling machine can be used for a long time, so that it can serve our customs better.

Adjustable Vibration Strength

Feeding speed is easy to change through adjust vibration strength.

Dual Eccentric Motors

Dual eccentric motors is the source of vibration, it has the advantage of energy cost.

Working Principle

Through rubber pipes sand and water mixture is extracted from cleaning tank into slurry pump. The fine sand is collected by the centrifugal force of the cyclone, then fed to the polyurathane screen from the apex spray. The 0.16-3mm fine sand and water are efficiently separated through the vibration screen. The waste water willflow back to the return box, through weld chute or pipes flowing to a settling pond.

Working principle of sand recycling machine


Model Water (m³/h) Cyclone Screen panel size(mm) Screen material Total power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
LZ250 50-70 250 900*1800 PU 13.1 1460 3120*1300*2721
LZ300 60-90 300 900*1800 PU 17.2 1510 3120*1300*2721
LZ350 80-120 350 900*1800 PU 20.7 1700 3120*1300*2721
LZ550 100-140 250*2 1200*2400 PU 26.4 2170 3630*1600*2773
LZ650 120-180 300*2 1200*2400 PU 34.4 2500 3630*1600*2773
LZ750 160-240 350*2 1200*2400 PU 41.4 2850 3630*1600*2773
LZ900 180-270 300*3 1500*3000 PU 51 3500 4600*1900*2612

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