Tailing Dewatering Screen
Tailing Dewatering Machine

The high wastewater content of tailings is one of the main areas of concerning for the mining industry now, and mine operators are increasingly adopting all kinds of tailings disposal methods to minimize the impact of the tailings on the environment. GP series tailing dewatering screen is specially designed for metal tailing recovery, which which usually combined with the paste thickener machine for the tailings dry discharge. It is the most economical method for tailings disposal at present.

Tailing Dewatering Screen

What is Tailing Dewatering Screen

GP tailings dewatering screen is also a kind of vibrating screen mainly for the mine tailings dewatering, it concentrates the tailing slurry by hydrocyclones and then dewaters materials on the dewatering screen panels, where over 87% water can be removed. Tailings dewatering screen is widely used in concentrate dewatering, refining mud concentration, chip removal, carbon slurry separation and other filtration and dewatering equipment industry. It is especially suitable for dry discharge and dehydration of tailings with fine-grained minerals.

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Working Principle

GP series tailings dwatering screen is driven by two vibrating motors, which make the screen panels move to-and-for on line to achieve the filtering purpose. With the vibration of the screen, the concentrated tailing materials are continuously threw up and down on the screen, and the materials are loosen and crashed to the sieve, the small size materials are filtered away from the sieve holes. Finally it reaches the aim of classifying, dehydrating and desliming.

Mine Tailings

Iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, aluminum ore


Slag dewatering and recovery etc.


Chemical building materials, special materials

Technical parameters:

Get the latest technical parameters of tailings dewatering screens in detail before purchase, so as to serve as a reference.

Model Capacity (t/h) Screen Panel (mm) Hydrocyclone (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
GP12-30 20-50 1200*2400 150*2 11 4280*2600*3000
GP15-60 60-100 1500*3000 150*4 22 4880*2900*3280
GP18-90 80-140 1800*4200 150*6 37 6080*3200*3500
GP24-120 120-200 2400*4800 150*8 44 6680*3800*3800

Befefits & Features

GP Series Tailings Dwatering Screen
When the tailings dry drainage screen is used for dry tailing of tailings, its characteristics are as follows:
  • Adjustable amplitude of screen
  • Adopt finite element analysis software
  • Simple structure, easy operation
  • High efficiency, strong vibrating force
  • Polyurethane screen with better elasticity

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