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Deep cone thickener

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Brief introduction

LZZG deep cone thickener promoted the structure of internal feed tube on the basis of traditional vertical flow sedimentation tank,optimized flocculation and deep solids compression provide paste consistency underflow and higher process rates, which greatly increase settling efficiency.

The deep cone thickener is circular, suspended solids settle down into bottom conical sludge tank by gravity, clear water flow away from overflow port around the upper tank, which is also called paste thickener. The port of the overflow  is equipped with filter and baffle, which improve the water quality that poured out.


Working principle 

paste thickener operating process

LZZG thickener is a thickener tank that based on gravity and sedimentation which makes solidseparate from liquid well. The concentration of pulp waste water could be enhanced from  2% ~ 15% to 60%~ 70% by the paste thickener, the clear water is overflow from the upper part of the paste thickener , so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification, solid-liquid separation and maximum water recovery.


Technology Advantages

1.LZZG thickener automatic cleaning, automatic discharge slurry, solve manual operation;
2. Following the principle of suspension filtration, media adsorption and settling, maximum purification;
3. LZZG paste thickener use qualified carbon steel (or stainless steel), the machine has good strength and corrosion resistance;
4. Low flocculant using cost, big capacity, high efficiency, stable performance;
5. Small volume, small floor space, easy installation;
6. Service life is about 15 years, low investment but remarkable economic benefit;
7. The purified water by the paste thickener can totally reach to national standard of discharge and can be recycled;
8.LZZG can customize thickeners to suit the individual requirements.


Deep cone thickener applications


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Download thickener case: Applications of LZZG deep cone paste thickener in sludge treatment

Tech specifications
Model Feed concentration (%) Capacity (m³/h) Tank height (mm) Tank volume (m³) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall size (mm)
S-3030 ≤15 ≤50 3000 28 20.2 6.5 3478*3025*7860
S-3060 ≤15 ≤100 6000 50 27.2 9 3478*3025*10860
S-6030 ≤15 ≤150 3000 120 36 14 6585*6080*9400
S-6040 ≤15 ≤200 5000 160 43 17.5 6585*6080*10400


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