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Dewatering screen in washing plant

Dewatering screen is a usually used in sand washing plant because the functions of dewatering, secondary washing, screening, fines recovery. With the charasteristics of reasonable process, excellent structure, fluent working pocess, convenient installation, easy maintenance and easy operation,etc. Its all links are seriously controlled , the treatment of water and solid are completely meet the requirements of environmental protection.


Main equipments

1. Dewatering screen

2. Thickener

3. Chamber filter press

Achieving goal

1. Achieving the dewatering recovery fine sand: the water content of sand is reached to 8% after dewatering.
2. Reaching the purified reuse of tail water: the purified afterwater suspension (SS) was less than 300mg/L(except for special materials), and higher than the third discharge standard about mine in the comprehensive sewage discharge standard of GB8978.
3. Acheving the dry stack and pile of solid waste: the water content of filtered mud cake is less than 60 ~ 75%, which meet the national standards for dry dumping or mixed landfill.

Achieving functions

1. Mud and gravel separation – recovery and dehydration of fine sand particles in tailings.
2. Mud and water seperation – tail water purification in the process of minging.
3. Solid waste dry drain – solidified dry pile treatment of solid waste in tailwater.

deep cone thickener

The functions of mud and gravel seperation

1. Reduce equipment volume: it can effectively reduce the pressure, volume and floor area, and usage quantity of slurry and water seperation.

2. Saving medical cost: after extracting particulate tailings, the effectiveness of flocculants can be achieved the better results, the sludge is rapidly precipitated and settling at the nominal use, which saving the drug cost.

3. Resources reuse: non-metallic tailings (tailing sand) extracted from tailings drainage system can be applied In the fields of building construction, subgrade construction, expressways, and gas bricks,it is a tailings process technology that our country vigorously promoted. The reuse of metal tailings can increase the add value of the metal ore,which greatly increase the economic benefits and reduce the environmental pressure.

4. Relieve filter press use and maintenance costs: it can ensure the effect of the slurry press device, reduce the pressure and prolong the service life of filter press. Compared with slurry, the gravel gradation of granular is large and the water content is high after filtering,which easily result in the problem such as unable to dry pile and difficult transportation. What’s more, if there are granular materials, it is easy to cause rapid damage to filter cloth, press plate and other components, and greatly reduce the service life of this machine and increase the maintenance cost.


The functions of mud and water seperation

1. Reduce the eorking pressure of filter press: through the thickening effect of Trihydrogen purifier, make solid waste can achieve the thickening effect, reduce the pressure filter in plasma volume, relieve pressure filter working load, thus reducing filter press machine and sharply reduce the machine cost.

2. Increase the efficiency and effect of filtering: the water content of slurry is small after thickenig,which greatly shorten the filtering time and increase the use rate and working efficiency of it.Besides, the water content of slurry cake is low after filtering, which completely meet the national standard.

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