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How to improve the efficiency of fines recycling system?

Fines recovery system is a professional equipment developed for the serious loss of fine sand in sand washing industry, which can dehydrate the slurry material and collect sand with high fineness after sand washing. The biggest feature is can solve the problem of serious loss of fine sand in the sand washing industry.

Fines recovery system

In the wet sand production line, it is generally necessary to use a wheeled or spiral sand washer to clean and classify sand. However, there is a big shortcoming in this process is that most of fine sand with a diameter of 0.16 mm or less will flow with the water during cleaning, affecting the quality of the sand and reducing the output. These large amounts of lost sand will cause great losses to the enterprise, have a great impact on the surrounding natural environment.

The fine sand recovery machine separates the mud, stone powder, water and fine sand in the mud wastewater through a series of equipment processes such as slurry pump, cyclone and vibrating screen, and collects fine sand to improve the quality of sand production and economic benefits. The fine sand recovery machine can effectively reduce the loss rate of fine sand, increase the output, control the fineness of sand and the content of the stone powder, so that the sand produced is more high-quality. It improve the economic benefits of sand factory enterprises, also reduce the workload of the sedimentation tank, reduce the number of cleanups and reducing the cost of cleaning costs.

Fines recycling system

How to improve the production efficiency of fines recycling system?

1. Production line configuration and use

When configuring the production line, it needs to be configured according to the viscosity and humidity of the material. And the hardness and fineness of the material should also be considered, because it will directly affect the choice of equipment in the production line.

2.Staff training

The operator needs to operate correctly and arrange the training before working.

3. Cleaning of fine sand recycling machine

During operation, the production line is susceptible to contamination by raw materials. If it is not cleaned up in time, the equipment will malfunction and affect production efficiency. When cleaning the production line, the cleaning equipment should be installed on the equipment. The equipment should be installed in a stable manner when installed. When using this equipment, if it is faulty, repair it in time. If the damage is large, it is necessary to change the bearing in time.

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