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Construction sand recycling machine


As we all know, with the continuous development of science and technology, construction waste has been seen as a misplaced resource. The how to recycle construction waste has been a pressing issue now. Because construction waste has a wide erosion effect on our living environment. If we don’t handle construction waste for a long-term, it will have adverse effects on urban sanitation, living conditions, and land quality assessment. Firstly, a large amount of land piles up construction waste, which will reduce the quality. Secondly, construction waste will affect air quality. Some dust particles will be suspended in air and harmful to human health. Thirdly, long-term accumulation of construction waste will cause harmful substances infiltrate groundwater area and pollute water environment; Finally, construction waste piled up in the city, it will be unfavorable to the urban environment and appearance. And the stacking of construction waste may have some hidden safety hazards.

construction sand washing machine  construction sand washing machine

Then how to recycle construction waste?

In order to achieve construction waste to be recycled, LZZG developed a developed a construction waste disposal machine. It combined crushing, screening, washing and recycling.

Vibration feeding system >> Concrete crushing system >> Screening system >> Secondary crushing system >> High-pressure washing system >> Fines recycling system >> Dust purification systems >> Automatic control system

9  construction sand washing machine

Construction waste – concrete recycling:

1.Construction waste can be processed into recycled concrete aggregate, new wall materials, raw materials, filling materials such as road base.

2.Bamboo wood waste can be used to manufacture artificial wood;

3.Brick, stone, concrete and other waste by crushing, they can on behalf of sand for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, playing concrete pads, etc., can also be used to produce blocks, pavement bricks, tiles and other building materials lattice.

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