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Attrition scrubbers

attrition scrubbers
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Brief introduction:


Attrition scrubbers are also called attrition cells, which are generally used before or after sand screws in sand washing plant to scrub the surfaces of particulates, break down impurities, and remove it from competent aggregate material to reduce the product turbidity. We design singl and multiple cell attrition scrubber units for different scrubbing requirements of mineral materials.


LZZG attrition scrubbers provide efficient scrubbing solutions for a variety of applications for sand, gravel, aggregate ore, coal and other industries.


attrition scrubber


Working principle:


Slurry enters the scrubber cavity through the feed pipe, and produces severe turbulence under the strong agitation of impeller. The ore particles have great momentum in them and produce intense friction and collision with each other.


The impurity membrane wrapped on the surface of ore is easily peeled off the mineral surface by friction and impact due to its low strength. The cement surface is immersed in water and then the mineral particles are strongly rubbed and collided with each other to loosen and disintegrate, thereby achieving the separation of clay and ore.


These impurities and clay are disintegrated and exfoliated into the slurry, and the slurry can be separated by subsequent desliming. In the actual production process, different agents should be added according to the actual conditions of mineral.



  1. Large scrubbing intensity and good effect. The unique tank structure and impeller configuration increase the scrubbing strength by about 30% compared to the conventional scrubber of the same specification.
  2. Low power consumption, wear and corrosion resistance. The inner liner and impeller are made of wear-resistant materials.
  3. The light starting and small starting power greatly reduces the operator’s working intensity because of the impeller is above the pulp sedimentation zone.
  4. Simple structure, large effective volume, small floor space.
  5. Low circumferential speed and long service life.
  6. The relative position of ore feeding, ore discharge and the motor can be customized according to the needs of users.

Attrition scrubber structure:



Download: LZZG Attrition Scrubbers

  Model Impeller diameter (mm) Volume (m³) Feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Overall size (mm)
CX0.25-1 240 0.25 ≤10 2-10 3 350 710*708*1310
CX0.25-2 240*2 0.25*2 ≤10 2-10 3*2 660 1365*708*1310
CX0.5-1 320 0.5 ≤10 5-20 5.5 450 922*886*1550
CX0.5-2 320*2 0.5*2 ≤10 5-20 5.5*2 890 1761*886*1550
CX1-1 480 1 ≤10 10-40 15 1400 1180*1142*2057
CX1-2 480*2 1*2 ≤10 10-40 15*2 2410 2276*1142*2057
CX2-1 520 2 ≤10 20-70 30 3300 1597*1597*2775
CX2-2 520*2 2*2 ≤10 20-70 30*2 6210 3075*1597*2775
CX4-1 770 4 ≤10 40-100 55 7500 1900*1752*3470
CX4-2 770*2 4*2 ≤10 40-100 55*2 14560 3712*1752*3470


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