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Aggregate Wash Plant for Sale

Aggregate wash plant is not a single piece of equipment, but a series of processes consisting of hopping, feeding, crushing, screening, washing, dewatering and fines recycling machines and other equipment connected by belt conveyors. So what is the workflow of the aggregate washing plant?

Aggregate washing plant is composed of crushers, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand screw washer, dewatering screen, fines recycling machine and more. The process is that the stone material is uniformly sent to the crusher by vibrating feeder for coarse breaking, and the coarsely broken material is sent by the belt conveyor to the sand making machine for further crushing; The fine material is transported to vibrating screen for screening, the particles that meet the granular size requirements of finished product is sent to sand washing machine for cleaning. After the cleaning, the output of the finished conveyor belt is the finished product.

aggregate wash plant

Aggregate wash plant workflow

1. Aggregate hopping

Stones are generally stored in hopper and loaded with a loader. The hopper capacity depends on the loading height of the loader, the transportation height, the self-flow angle of raw materials, etc., the larger the better. And a simple screening device is also generally arranged on the hopper for the primary screening of material.

2. Aggregate feeding

Aggregate feeding is generally carried out by belt conveyor, and the belt length and width are arranged depending on the material handling amount.

3. Aggregate crushing

Aggregate crushing is usually done by jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher or sand making machine, etc.

4. Aggregate washing

As an important part of improving the quality of sand and gravel, sand washing machine is very necessary in the aggregate washing and impurities removing. The high-standard building materials required for construction is less than 5mm, cubic grain type, and no impurities. In order to meet the development of the downstream construction industry, the sand washing equipment will further penetrate into the gravel production line of more areas to ensure the construction sand and Road construction sand meets national standards.

5. Finished products conveying

The finished product cleaned is generally transported to the finished material storage area for use by the belt conveyor. Therefore, the storage area should be covered or washed.

aggregate wash plant for sale

Aggregate washing plant workflow preparation

1. Checking

Check if the power supply is connected, if there is any leakage problem, and the belt does not loose or break.

2. Feeding speed

Before it is put into production, a small amount of feeding can be tried firstly, and the feeding speed should not be too fast during the test.

3. Water

The cleaning of aggregate is inseparable from water. So the normal amount of water and the quality of clean water also determine the quality of the finished sand.

4. Operator training

The pre-employment training of operators is particularly important. The skilled operators can operate the sand washing machine with light and easy roads, and also have the ability to identify and eliminate small faults.

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