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Coal washing plant for sale South Africa


Coal washing plant is to clean and remove the impurities in raw coal to improve the quality of coal to provide quality coal products for different users through the combination of multiple components arranged in raw coal-sub coal-clean coal. The amount of water per ton of coal used in wet coal washing is 2-8 m3. The generated wastewater mainly contains suspended solids with a particle size of less than 50 μm.


Coal washing plant for sale South Africa


The production process of coal washing plant for sale south africa is based on self-generated medium, and coal sorting is carried out according to the density of coal and vermiculite.

The feeding size of coal washer is 0-10mm, and the impeller and appropriate size of sieve hole are attached to sorting cylinder. The rotation speed of sorting cylinder is 3r/min. The raw coal fed into sorting cylinder, under the action of water flow, through the rotation of cylinder, the clean coal and the tail coal are differentiated into two stages due to the difference in density. And the low-density material moves forward to become the clean coal.


The function of cyclone is to select a fine particle coal of 3-0.074 mm particle size on the one hand and a sorting medium for the spiral sorting cylinder on the other hand. The dewatering screen is used to dewater the clean coal.



1. Because the coal washer is sorted by self-generated medium, and there is a cyclone to recover clean coal, so the sorting effect and recovery rate is between the heavy medium and the jigging.


2. Because its self-generated medium does not need to be recycled, it also eliminates the production process such as de-sludge. At the same time, it has fewer equipments, fewer people, lower power consumption, and the production cost is far lower than that of heavy medium and jig washing.


3. Due to the needs of its self-generated medium, some of the washing water has been circulating in the system, the demand for water circulation is small, and the coal-water ratio is only 1:1-1:1.5.


4. The washing effect is reliable and the range of use is wide. It is suitable for the selection of selected, dirty coal and coal gangue, and the re-election of clean coal.


Coal washing plant has given us the greatest help in terms of quality. If we rely on the power of labor, we cannot achieve such efficiency and effect day and night. The coal washing equipment has a long working time and can be transferred for 16 hours, which greatly saves the manpower. In short, in the coal washing industry, the use of coal washing equipment is crucial.

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