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Sand washing plant cost


Sand washing plant is a processing system from sand crushing to sand washing and dewatering. Besides sand, the coal, mine, silica sand, clay and more are also can be processed. But what’s the sand washing plant cost when starting a new sand washing plant?

sand washing plant cost

Site selection proposal for sand washing plant

1. Convenient transportation and convenient to use electricity and water;
2. Stay away from residential areas. In order to reduce pollution, it is advisable to choose the dominant air outlet.
3. The distance between the plant and blasting point shall be at least 200 meters according to industry standards.
4. The area of plant area is based on the yard and capacity of raw materials and finished materials.
5. Storage and transportation of finished materials
6. If the site does not meet the requirements, the initial consideration of the cost of site leveling, need to consider the approximate amount of earth and stone;
7. Geological conditions, natural disasters, etc.

Configuration principle of sand washing plants

1. Multi-stage crushing
2. Processing capacity matching before and after
3. Discharge port setting
4. More sieves, less breaks, more broken and less milled
5. Determine the belt conveyor based on production and the difference in transport height
6. Flexible layout on working site

sand washing plant price

Sand washing plant price

In general, the cost of investing in sand and gravel plants ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The budget involved includes pre-document processing, mine purchase, medium-term equipment investment and plant construction; labor costs and equipment maintenance costs for employees employed later. The medium-term cost is relatively large in the total budget, so users need to invest more energy in selecting equipment manufacturers.

Equipment needed to start a sand washing plant

Generally, the production process of sand washing line is the hopper – feeding – crushing – sand making – screening sand washing – sand dewatering- fine sand recycling – finished sand products, and each process is connected by a conveyor. Therefore, the production equipment required by sand and gravel plant mainly includes the vibrating feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, dewatering screen, fine sand recycling machine and belt conveyor. Other ancillary equipment like dust collectors, stone washers, classifiers, packaging, wastewater treatment facilities may also be used. However, due to the different processing standards, different size and hardness of raw materials, the specific equipment configuration may vary.

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