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The importance of coal washing


Coal washing  is an indispensable process of the deep processing of coal, the coal from the mine directly mined called coal, coal in mining process mixed with many impurities and coal of different quality, intrinsic ash is small and the inherent high ash coal hybrid together. Coal washing is to remove impurities in raw coal, or an industrial process of high quality coal and inferior coal to be arranged.

coal dewatering,coal washing

Generated after the washing process products generally divided into gangue, middlings, B coal, grade a coal, after washing process of refined coal is often called the coal, through the washing of coal can reduce coal transportation costs, improve the utilization rate of coal, coal is generally do fuel energy, bituminous coal mainly used for coking, desulphurization, to impurities such as industrial process, in order to reach the standard for coking.

1. To improve the quality of coal and reduce the emission of pollutants from coal combustion.

2. To improve coal utilization efficiency and save energy.

3. To optimize the product structure, improve product competitiveness.

4. To reduce the waste of capacity.

LZZG coal washing plant provide the high efficiency coal washing plant from 30-300T/H, and the bigger output spiral coal washing plant from 80-500T/H. We have professional service team, can provide the most suitable design scheme for your production.

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