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Why Rotary Screener Do not Working?

Rotary screener is an indispensable equipment in the mine and coal processing system, which is mainly used for material separation. The quality of the separation effect directly affects the working efficiency of subsequent crushing and sand washing equipment. However, in the daily production, various problems will inevitably occur in the rotary drum screener, such as: blockage of the screen drum, fracture of the coupling shaft, deformation of the screen ring, etc., which seriously affects the stable operation of the system.

rotary trommel screen

1. Blockage of the rotary screen

When the humidity of the material is high, it is easy to stick to the sieve drum and sinter, which will cause the screen bar to be blocked. At this time, the combing plate cannot meet the work of cleaning the sieve barrel and normal screening, which causes coal powder to enter the crusher, which in turn causes subsequent equipment to be blocked and reduces the work efficiency. Especially when the rainy season comes, the sieve drum of the sieve is seriously blocked, and even if it is manually cleaned, the screening efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

2. Screen shaft coupling shaft broken

The whole screen cylinder relies on multiple coupling shafts and connecting rods to integrate the front and rear rolling rings and screen bars of the screen cylinder into one. When the sieve drum rotates, it mainly relies on the coupling shaft to drive the overall sieve drum to maintain synchronization, and the torque is large; and when the sieve drum rotates with the sieve drum, it is washed away by the material flow. Later, due to the broken shaft, the screen cylinder was deformed and could not be operated. The new screen cylinder needed to be replaced.

3. Deformation of the screen ring

The feed opening of the drum sieve faces the sieve ring at the feed end of the screen cylinder. The coal flow that enters the drum sieve from the belt falls from a high position and directly hits the sieve ring at the feeding end of the sieve barrel along the feed port, which makes the sieve ring wear quickly and is easily deformed by the impact of coal blocks, causing the particle size Exceeding the standard, affecting the stable operation of subsequent devices.

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