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Rock Sand Washing Machine for Sand Processing


The rock sand washing machine is a kind of sand processing equipment to complete the cleaning of sand gravel and filtering impurities, and also has a certain function of screening, which sets a reliable hardware foundation for improving the purity of sand and gravel. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, reasonable structure, large output and less sand loss in the process of sand washing.

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In the process of stone processing, due to the fierce collision and the soil content of stone itself, there will be a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder in the manufactured sand, which will seriously affect the grading of sand. Therefore, the sand washing machine should be used for further auxiliary processing. The sand washing machine can effectively clean the dust, stone powder and mud powder in the sand. Make the sand up to the standard we need for the construction industry. The sand washing machine can not only be used in the sand making machine, but also be widely used in the cleaning of the soil contained in river sand, ground sand, weathered sand, etc. In the design of sand washing machine, the transmission part is isolated from water and materials, which reduces the probability of equipment failure and can meet the market demand for artificial sand.

It has almost no wearing parts, long service life, and effectively solves the purity of artificial sand. In order to use and extend the service life of the sand washing machine more efficiently, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of the sand washing machine. It is necessary to clean the sand washing machine in time, add lubricating oil regularly, and check and maintain it regularly in the process of operation, so as to make the life of the sand washing machine longer.

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