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Why Rotary Drum Screen Is More Efficient?

The working principle of the drum screen is the reason why the rotary drum screen is more efficient. Screening efficiency is an indicator of the quality of the screen work, indicating the extent of screening operations and the quality of the screened product.

why rotary drum screen is more efficient

The sieving efficiency is usually expressed as a percentage of the mass of the undersize product obtained at the time of sieving and the mass of the granules contained in the raw material which is smaller than the size of the mesh. The ideal sieving efficiency is that the particles smaller than the sieve holes can pass through the sieve holes to form the undersize, and the particles larger than the sieve holes remain on the sieve to become the oversize product. The actual screening efficiency is unlikely to reach an ideal state, and a portion of the undersize remains on the screen, resulting in incomplete screening. Therefore, the screening efficiency reflects the completeness of the screening, that is, the quality of the screening.

According to different grading requirements, the drum screen has a graded grade of 1-4 knots from fine to thick. Through the variable speed deceleration system, the screening cylinder is rotated at a certain rotation speed, and the material is separated from the top to the bottom through the screening cylinder, the fine material is discharged from the lower part of the front end of the screening cylinder, and the coarse material is discharged from the lower end of the screening cylinder. The main structure of the drum screen is a screening cylinder, which is composed of a plurality of circular screens, which are inclined with the ground plane as a whole, and the outside is sealed by a sealing spacer to prevent environmental pollution.

rotary trommel screen

In the process of using the drum screen, running slowly and evenly, impact vibration is minimal, stable work, easy to close dust collection, small maintenance, simple maintenance, long service life. Easy to install, sometimes even without a special foundation, can be placed directly on a flat floor or under the hopper. It is frequently used in refractory materials, coal, river sand classification, and sandstone classification. The drum screen can be equipped with a card-type cleaning mechanism, in the screening process can be through the relative movement of the card-type cleaning mechanism and the screen cylinder, to achieve the effect of continuous cleaning of the screen body, so that the screen cylinder in the whole work process always keep clean, not sticky, not blocked, does not affect the screening effect.

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