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The Stone Washing Machine In Singapore

The stone washing machine in the Singapore construction industry. Nowadays, housing construction has become a trend, and the amount of sand used has increased. mined sand and gravel contain a certain amount of humidity and impurities and are usually not used. To use it, it needs to be processed by separation and cleaning equipment before it can be used, and the spiral sand washer is also used here.
stone sand washing machine

What is the advantage of the stone washing machine?

The device has a simple structure and stable performance. The impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and materials, avoiding damage to the bearing caused by water, sand, and pollutants. Each component is manufactured according to standards, with almost no wearing parts and a low failure rate, so continuous production can be achieved without long maintenance during the production process.

stone sand washing machine

How can the stone washing machine clean and process 200 tons of sand per hour?

Untreated sand contains a lot of soil, impurities, and moisture. When cleaning sand, the equipment can clean sand and gravel with different particle diameters and densities. The sedimentation speed, fine particle size, and density of the sand and gravel in the fluid are different, and it can reach The cleaning effect is different, and under the uniform stirring of the spiral, the purpose of filtering water, removing impurities, and improving transportation are achieved. In this way, high-quality sand with high cleanliness and fewer impurities can be obtained.

The river sand comes from the beach and is rich in resources. Yet, in recent years, with over-development, it has shown a trend of becoming scarce. River sand is characterized by low soil content and fewer impurities. River sand is mainly river beach sedimentary sand, which is gray-white or gray-yellow in color, composed of fine sand, medium-coarse sand, coarse sand, gravel layer, and gravel layer. The occurrence of river sand is facing the river bed, and the surface layer slopes from the river bank to the river bed and tends to slope from upstream to downstream. River sand has the characteristics of a hard texture and clear color, making it a good building material. Washed sand is raw sand made by washing and grading natural sand. The mud content is less than that of river sand. The natural sand is sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning, cleaning, and filtering the powder, soil, and fine sand particles in the sand. By controlling the number of meshes of the washing screen, the size of the finished sand and gravel can be controlled. The content of fine sand and stone powder is controlled within a certain ratio to improve the quality of sand and gravel. The raw materials of sand and gravel can be effectively adjusted through the water washing process, and the particle size of the finished product can be separated according to the needs of users.

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