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How To Select A Stone Washer Machine

In recent years, the gravel and sand industry has flourished, and many users have invested in the construction of factories. When processing all kinds of stone, some small waste materials are generated, called stone powder, which is a recyclable resource. One ton of stone powder can wash 0.8-about 0.9 tons of finished sand. The sand washing machine equipment mainly removes impurities through the rotation of the impeller. There are the single wheel, double wheel, and three wheels. The user’s raw materials contain a large amount of stone powder and sand. The sand washing machine needs to effectively control the contained stone powder within a reasonable range to configure high-performance concrete. This kind of concrete is used in construction, roads, construction, water conservancy, and other industrial sectors.

screw sand washer

Spiral Stone Washer Machine

Spiral sand washer is a commonly used sand washing equipment. The structure of the spiral sand washing machine determines its purpose and method of use. When washing sand, when the spiral sand washer is running, one side of the spiral blade is to inject water resources, and the other side is to discharge rocks, mud, sand, and other wastes, and then deposit on the bottom of the spiral sand washer. As the bottom water source, this is the advantage of the spiral sand washing machine.

wheel sand washer

Wheel Stone Washer Machine

After the speed is reduced by the V-belt, reducer, and gear, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly. The gravel enters through the feed chute, rolls under the impeller, and then grinds each other to remove impurities covering the gravel surface and destroy the covering layer on the gravel surface. The water vapor layer promotes dehydration, and the impact force formed by the water flow will discharge impurities and foreign matter with a small specific gravity from the overflow tank, and then use the rotating blade to take away the clean sand and gravel, and finally discharge the sand and gravel directly and introduce it The discharge trough completes the sand and gravel cleaning process of the wheel sand washer. Due to the low failure rate of the sand washing equipment, the wheel sand washing machine occupies a large proportion in the sand washing market and is also a commonly used sand washing equipment.

drum sand washer

Drum Stone Washer Machine

It is also called a rolling stone washer. The motor drives a reducer, and the large gear and small gear drive the cleaning cylinder to rotate at low speed. The aggregate containing mud and stone powder is fed from the feed port and enters the drum, and then continuously rises and falls. The cleaned aggregate is sieved and dewatered at the discharge end, and then discharged. The sludge-containing wastewater flows out through a porous baffle at the discharge port or feed port. The drum sand washing machine has a large workload, but at the same time the water demand will increase, but the water can be reprocessed while working.

When selecting sand washing machine equipment, it is necessary to judge from many aspects, such as the cleanliness requirements of machine sand washing, sand washing output requirements, water consumption, and investment costs. Users should reasonably choose sand washing equipment according to their own production needs.

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