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Sand Washing Machinery for Concrete/Washing Sand for Concrete

Sand washing machinery for concrete is widely used to reduce mud content of sand in building materials, metallurgy, urban construction, highways, highways and other construction. No matter natural sand or broken sand, it is not suitable for concrete without cleaning. After being cleaned by sand washer, it can become adjustable high-performance concrete sand, and realize resource reuse and bring high profit returns to users.

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The influence of excess mud content on concrete

1. Impact on concrete workability

When the mud content in the aggregate is high, the additive has a certain adsorption effect. The slump of the sand washing machine will obviously decrease, and the cohesion will become worse.

2. Impact on concrete strength

The mud will cause the concrete to appear weak points such as pits, which reduces the density of the concrete and reduces the strength of the concrete.

3. Impact on concrete durability

Mud will not participate in the hydration reaction, but will affect the normal hydration reaction of cement. So there will be cracks inside the concrete. As a result, the durability of concrete is reduced and it is easy to weather, which affects the resistance to freezing and thawing and impermeability.

4. Impact on concrete shrinkage

Mud has a relatively large impact on the shrinkage of concrete and is easy to cause shrinkage and cracking of concrete.

How to wash sand for concrete?

Generally, the mud in concrete is mixed with sand and gravel. Therefore, before the sand is mixed into the concrete, it needs to be cleaned with sand washing machinery to reduce the mud content. The cleaning effect is related to the mud content of the material and the recovery rate of the sand washing equipment. If the sand contains less mud, more sand will be washed out, and vice versa. There are many types of sand washing equipment, different types of selection, the purity and loss rate of the finished products are also different. The output will naturally go up and down, so the focus is on the choice of sand washing equipment.

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