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How to Solve The Sand Erosion in Sand Processing?

Generally, the sand after sand making machine needs to be washed by sand washing machine in order to be cleaner and better in quality. The common sand washing equipment are spiral sand washer and wheel sand washer. However, many users have feedback that whether it is spiral sand washer or wheel sand washer, there is a disadvantage, that is, the fine sand is lost seriously, especially the super fine sand. How to solve it?

1. Sand washing machine+dewatering screen

That is, a dewatering screen is installed after the sand washing machine equipment. The amount of sand produced by the sand washer is relatively large, so the purity of the sand may not be guaranteed. After adding a dewatering screen, the sand sent to the conveyor belt will be relatively clean.

The main function of the dewatering screen is dehydration, desliming and dislodging. The equipment has a large linear vibration with a low inclination angle. The sand on the screen is cleaned with an electromagnetic vibrating screen.

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2. Sand washing and recycling machine

This method does not use a sand washing machine, but directly uses a sand washing and recycling machine. It consists of separator, dewatering screen, impeller separator, reducer, slag paddle pump, cleaning box and other components. It has the dual functions of sand washing machine and fine sand recycling machine.

Sand washing and recycling machine working principle

The sand-water mixture enters the cleaning box, is separated by the impeller separator, and then enters the lower dewatering screen for dehydration treatment. The waste water (containing a large amount of fine sand, mud paddles, dust and other impurities) from the cleaning tank is transported to the separator by a slag paddle pump, and then the fine sand concentrated by centrifugation and classification is discharged into the upper layer of the dewatering screen through the grit nozzle. Wastewater, mud, dust, impurities, etc. in the cleaning tank are discharged into the high-level return water tank through the overflow of the separator, and then discharged into the upper layer of coarse sand and the lower layer of fine sand, or mixed coarse and fine sand.

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The above two methods can greatly improve the purity of sand and reduce the loss of fine sand. If you happen to have this kind of confusion for reference, other issues related to sand making and sand washing are welcome to leave a message.

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