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How to Reduce The Amount of Sand Lost in Sand Washing?

In the entire sand production line, equipped with sand washing machine is a popular trend. The sand washed by the sand washer is clean and has good quality.  However, during the sand washing process, fine sand will be lost with the flow of water. According to statistics, a production line generally loses 5% -25% content, which seriously affects the production of sand production. So how to reduce the amount of sand lost?

sand recycling machine

1. Adopting sand recycling machine

The wastewater from sand washing is discharged to the lower water tank of the fine sand recycling machine, and the mixed mud sand water is driven to the cyclone by the slurry pump, and then discharged to the screen surface. The fine sand is discharged with the screen surface, and the mud and water are returned to the lower water tank To form a cycle to extract sand from wastewater.

Two points should pay attention in fine sand recycling machine process

A. After turning on the machine for a few laps, put in materials again, which can reduce the burden on the equipment.

B. When configuring the transformer, the total power must be considered to avoid low-voltage operation of the equipment and ensure normal operation of the equipment.

fine sand recovery machine

2. Equipped with dewatering screen equipment

The wastewater discharged to the screen surface of the dewatering screen, so that the lost sand can be recovered. The disadvantage is that only raw materials with little or no mud can be recovered. If there is more mud, it will not be able to recover, because the mud-sand mixture is recovered.

dewatering screen

3. Use of multi-stage sedimentation tank

The sedimentation tank is equipped with a three-layer sedimentation device, so that after a period of time after the sand washing wastewater flows into the sedimentation tank, it will be sedimented layer by layer. Because the proportion of sand and mud is relatively heavy, after a long period of sedimentation, the sand and mud can be separated. The disadvantage is that it requires long-term sedimentation work, takes up a large area of sedimentation tank, and requires manual excavation of mud and sand at the later stage, which consumes a lot of labor and time costs.

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