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Analysis of The Causes of Belt Conveyor Damage

The belt conveyor is a material transportation system that widely used at present, and it plays an important role as a carrying and conveying device. This article analyzes the causes of damage during the use of the conveyor belt.

belt conveyor

1. Conveyor quality

A. Conveyor belts must withstand large material impact forces and should have good abrasion resistance. The rubber cover must have a certain strength. Once the rubber cover is worn or severely aged, it will easily damage the cushion layer inside the conveyor belt. This leads to a reduction in strength and affects its service life.

B. The number of backing layers and the diameter of the drum affect the bending stress of the belt. When the number of cushion layers is larger and the diameter of the roller is smaller, the bending stress is larger, and the reverse bending of the conveyor belt is more likely to occur.

C. The connection and safety factor of the conveyor belt also affects its service life. The specific performance is that when the pad or the steel rope is broken, the strength of the belt connector will decrease. When the safety factor is too large, the number of pads will increase, which will cause the thickness of the conveyor belt to increase, and the bending stress will increase. Therefore, the use time of the conveyor belt will be reduced.

2. Conveyor structure

A. For the same type of conveyor, the shorter the length of the frame and the more redirecting rollers, the more easily the conveyor belt will bend in the opposite direction, resulting in fatigue damage to the conveyor belt and affecting the service life of the conveyor belt.

B. When using a conveyor for transportation, the belt is often torn due to the presence of impurities and the unreasonable design of the discharge funnel.

3. Material drop position

Due to the deviation of the falling position of the material and the poor joints, the conveyor belt often shifts. In this case, the material on the conveyor belt will be dumped, causing waste of resources. At the same time, in the process of material scattering, it is easy to cause damage to the conveyor belt, and accelerate the damage and fracture of the conveyor belt.

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