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Several common reasons for large vibration screen shake

The circular vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen, a vibrator, a damping spring device and a bottom frame. A cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and a biasing block are used to adjust the amplitude. The vibrator is installed on the side of the screen box, and is driven by a motor through a coupling to generate a centrifugal inertial force, which forces the screen to vibrate.

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1. Exciting force is too strong

Vibration motor is the part that provides the excitation force for the equipment. If the motor power does not match or is too large, the phenomenon of large jump and displacement will occur during use. If the excitation force of the motor is adjusted to increase the output or the screening accuracy, if the excitation force exceeds the rated range, it will cause the problem of intense vibration. If adjustment is needed, consult the manufacturer and adjust within the range that the motor can bear. Users should provide detailed material characteristics, screening requirements, output requirements, etc. when purchasing, so that technical personnel can recommend reasonable models.

2. Damping spring with high hardness

The damping spring is a component that connects the base of the screen to the screen frame, and its other function is to buffer. If the spring hardness is too large to provide a cushioning effect, a runout problem will occur when the device is running. Users can choose to replace high-quality springs to solve such problems.

3. Loose anchor bolts

The circular vibrating screen machine will generate certain mechanical vibration under the action of the vibration motor. Long-term operation will loosen the anchor bolts of the fixed base, so that the vibration wave is transmitted to the ground through the base and regenerates vibration. The solution to this problem is that the user can tighten the anchor bolts.

4. Motor steering

Some vibrating screens use dual-vibration motors, and the steering of the motors is adjusted when leaving the factory. However, when the motors are worn, damaged, etc., the user can replace the motors by themselves, and the power of the motors is inconsistent. . You can consult a technician to readjust the installation of the vibration motor steering, eccentric block, etc.

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