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How to Improve The Working Efficiency of The Sand Recycling System?

The sand recycling system has developed rapidly in recent years and plays a vital role in the artificial sand production line. And it is continuously improving and innovating in order to play a greater role in future production. The fine sand recovery system solves the problem that the traditional sand gravel wet processing and dewatering adopt a spiral sand washing machine, which makes the loss of fine sand challenging to control.

sand recycling system

In the process of sand washing, a large amount of fine sand is seriously lost, which not only damages the output of the sand, but also seriously affects the extreme matching of the sand, resulting in unreasonable sand matching, and the fineness modulus is coarse and greatly reduced. Too much fine sand emissions can also cause great pollution to the environment, which is contrary to the current awareness of protecting the environment. Adopting the new fine sand recycling system can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, and it is easy to solve the problem of high fineness modulus of finished sand and low content of stone powder in the artificial aggregate processing system. It also increases the production of sand, improves the quality of the finished products, and brings great economic benefits to the customers, while protecting the environment, so it is indispensable equipment for the sand production line.

fine sand recycling unit

How to improve the working efficiency of the sand recycling system?

1. Production line configuration and use

The production line configuration needs to be configured according to the viscosity and humidity of the material produced by the customer. Because some materials increase the viscosity at high temperatures, this will not only affect the sand production rate but also damage the equipment on the production line. The hardness and fineness of the material should also be considered as it directly affects the choice of equipment in the production line. During the production process, the operator needs to operate correctly and arrange pre-use training.

Fines recycling machines are generally used in sand washing production lines, crushing production lines, ore washing, and coal washing. There are many ways to configure the production line due to different materials, different requirements, different venues, and other factors. In order to improve the efficiency of the production line, attention should be paid to the design during the configuration, as simple as possible, and the appropriate model should be selected according to different process requirements for rationality and economy.

2. Sand recycling system cleaning

During use, the production line is susceptible to contamination by raw materials. If it is not cleaned up in time, equipment on the production line will malfunction, affecting production efficiency. When cleaning the production line, the cleaning equipment should be installed on the equipment.

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