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How to Effectively Deal with The Tailings Slurry for Washing Sand?

Tailings dry discharge screen, thickener, and filter press are the most effective equipment for treating quarry mud, muddy water from sand washing plant, and sand-coated soil water washing mud. These equipment use the principles of vibration dewatering, mud separation, flocculation purification, and extrusion dewatering, which can quickly squeeze out the water in the mud, and the clear water can be recycled.

This set of procedures can be automated, simple to operate, without manual guards, and solves the mud treatment problems and environmental protection problems of stone yards and sand washing plants.

wastewater treatment system

Why use the wastewater treatment system?

1. The treated tail water becomes clean water, which can be recycled for sand washing, without wasting water resources and reducing water costs.

2. The dry mud pressed out by the filter press does not drip and can be directly packaged and transported.

3. The process flow can be designed on-site according to the requirements, and the sludge treatment process can be automated.

Factors to be considered in the treatment of sand washing tailing cement slurry

1. The amount of sand in the mud. If the solid content of the mud in the sand field is 30%, and the fine sand in the 30% mud accounts for half or at least 20%, then it is best to first extract the fine sand in the mud in the sand field (using fine sand). The sand recovery machine recovers the tailings). Extracting this part of the fine sand can generate considerable profits, and some of the metal may be recovered in the fine sand, and the fine sand can also be sold directly. After the fine sand is extracted, the remaining mud can be processed again to achieve the desired effect.

2. The fine sand content in the sand field mud is less than 20% of the total concentration, so there is no need to extract the fine sand. With such a low content, extraction alone is not cost-effective. The machine-made sand and stone powder slurry dehydrator can be directly used for dehydration treatment, so as to meet the reuse standard.

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