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Factors Affecting The Chamber Filter Press

Filter press is a commonly used solid-liquid separation device that uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the object, so that the liquid penetrates out to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. Since the beginning of the 18th century, it has been widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, dye industry, food industry, brewing industry, ceramics industry and environmental protection industry.

chamber filter press

1. Feeding pressure

In the actual production process, the filtration pressure is generally provided by the feed pump, so the most important factor affecting the filtration rate and separation is the feed pressure of the feed pump. In terms of daily production, in the process of pressure filtration dehydration, most of the water can be discharged by hydrostatically compressing the porosity of the small filter cake. The reason is that as the pressure increases, the porosity of the filter cake gradually decreases, and the saturation of the filter cake pores gradually decreases.

2. Ash content

The ash content in incoming slurry is generally determined by the fine mud content formed by the clay minerals entrained in raw coal during the washing process. Similarly, the amount of fine mud in the pulp also determines the viscosity of the incoming slurry, which in turn affects the filtration rate. However, such factors are almost uncontrollable in on-site production.

3. Grain size composition of the feeding slurry

The effect of particle size composition of feed slurry on the filtration rate depends mainly on the content of fine-grained material, and the higher the content, the lower the filtration rate. In actual production, the sample analysis results indicate: The material content of -0.1074mm has a significant influence on the filtration speed; Although the coarse-grained content is conducive to the improvement of the filtration speed, from the past practical experience, only when the 0.1125~0.1074mm grade material in the filter press material accounts for about 80%, the filter press is ideal.

4. Feed slurry concentration

The concentration of slurry has a great effect on the filtration rate, especially in the feeding stage, the concentration of the slurry is high, the solid content of slurry is high, and the formation speed of the filter cake is accelerated. As the slurry concentration increases, more particles will approach or reach the pores of the filter medium. Due to mutual interference, most of the particles cannot enter the hole and form an arch bridge on them, so that the filter holes can be not severely blocked during the time. Therefore, the higher the feed concentration, the lower the moisture of the filter cake.

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