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Application And Characteristics of 5 Commonly Used Vibrating Screen Exciters

The exciter is the core component of the vibrating screen. Under the action of the vibration exciter, the materials are continuously loosened, layered, and screened on the screen surface to complete the screening operation. The commonly used exciters for vibrating screens mainly include electromagnetic exciters, vibration motors, self-synchronizing exciters, and forced synchronizing exciters.

banana screen

1. Electromagnetic vibrator

The exciting force of the electromagnetic exciter only acts on the screen surface, and the screen box does not participate in the vibration. It effectively reduces the vibration participating quality of the screen machine, improves the reliability of the screen machine, and reduces energy consumption.

Electromagnetic exciters are mainly used on small vibrating screens for dehydration of materials. In the coal washing and processing industry, the electromagnetic high-frequency screen taps the screen at a frequency of 50Hz, which effectively solves the problem of blocking holes and improves the dehydration efficiency.

2. Vibration motor

An eccentric block is installed on the output shaft of the vibration motor, and a certain centrifugal force is generated when the eccentric block rotates. The vibration motor is installed on the drive beam, and the vibrating screen can realize linear vibration or circular vibration with a reasonable arrangement. The excitation force can be adjusted simply by adjusting the included angle of the eccentric block. Simple structure, long life, stable operation, and easy maintenance.

However, due to the limited excitation force of the vibrating motor, it can only be used on small vibrating screens, generally used for vibrating screens with a mass of not more than 4000kg.

3. Side plate vibration motor

The motor is directly mounted on the side plate of the vibrating screen. Generally, more than 2 sets of the same type are connected in series to form a group of excitation sources, which can make the vibrating screen realize circular or linear motion.

The side plate type vibration motor has a simple structure and low operating cost, and only needs to add grease to the motor bearings regularly. It has gradually become an ideal excitation source for large-scale vibrating screens, heavy-duty vibrating feeders (or bar feeders), and other equipment.

4. Self-synchronizing exciter

The self-synchronized vibration exciter generates the exciting force in the same way as the vibration motor, and the installation method is similar to the side plate vibration motor. Two sets of exciters are distributed along the width direction of the vibrating screen and are fixed on the side plates on both sides with bolts, and the middle is connected in series with a transmission shaft. One side is connected with the motor by a flexible coupling to form a series of vibration exciters, which can realize the movement of the vibrating screen.

This type of exciter can be used as the excitation source for medium and small circular vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens. The exciting force is transmitted to the whole screen machine through the side plate.

5. Forced Synchronous exciter

The forced synchronous vibration exciter adopts a pair of gear transmissions arranged on the driving shaft and the driven shaft respectively to realize the synchronous and anisotropic rotation of the eccentric blocks on the main and driven shafts. the exciting force. The forced synchronous vibration exciter is mainly used for large linear vibrating screens, banana screens, relaxation screens, etc.

Advantages of Forced Synchronous Shakers:

A. Compact structure, centralized lubrication, high strength and rigidity of the box, strong bearing capacity, large excitation force, stable operation, and low noise.

B. One exciter can generate excitation force in one direction.

C. Adopting a pair of helical gears with a large helix angle can strictly ensure the synchronization of the eccentric blocks on the main and driven shafts.

D. The vibration exciter is installed on the driving beam, and the elastic deformation of the vibrating screen is small, which is beneficial to improve its structural reliability.

E. The vibration exciter is easy to realize standardization, serialization, and generalization, which is beneficial to industrial production and is the development trend of the vibration exciter in the future.

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