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5 Reasons Why Belt Conveyor Tapes Crack

Belt conveyors are used in various industries because of their large conveying capacity, stable operation, and easy operation and maintenance. This article proposes 5 common reasons for the cracking of belt conveyor belts and gives solutions for reference.

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Reasons for cracking of belt conveyor belt

1. Tape material

The material and manufacturing process are important factors that affect the tape service life and cracking.

2. Hard object scratches

Belt conveyor belt cracking is generally accompanied by the entry of hard objects and iron pieces. For example, sharp stones and steel brazing fall into the middle of the tape, and the tape is torn during operation. The steel structure of the feeding hopper above the tape rack is cracked, and the tape is scratched by desoldering.

3. The idler does not rotate

The belt conveyor idler does not rotate, causing sliding friction between the belt and the idler. The roller skin was worn through, leaking metal thorns, tearing the center of the tape apart. Or clay, sandstone, and wet powder adhere to the lower roller, forming a cam in the center of the roller. Over time, the raised adhesive only rubs against the center of the tape, leaking out the inner sail line, and then gradually wears inwards, causing the tape to crack.

4. Belt conveyor rotates too fast

Belt speed is one of the important reasons for the cracking of the center of the tape. Generally, the belt speed of the conveyor is 0.8, 1.0, and 1.25m/s. pour. The 0.8m/s is mostly used in large inclination angle, short conveying distances, and powdery materials. The higher belt speed can be used for longer conveying distance and horizontal conveying.

5. Modification of the upper idler

The center of the U-shaped tape is flat at the upper idler and does not bend. The sides are slightly bent, but the arc is small, and there will be no shear stress on the inner sail line of the tape. The center of the V-shaped structural tape is basically a line from the edge of the folding point, and the inner layer of the tape is subjected to a large shear stress. After running for a long time, the sail line is broken due to the decrease of flexural strength, forming a central crack.

The solution to the cracking of belt conveyor belt

1. Using a U-shaped idler

Adopt U-shaped belt conveyor upper idler. The center of the tape is curved, and it is not easy to fold in half. The transverse sail line in the middle of the tape is reduced by the folding force, and the surface adhesive is not affected by the folding force.

2. Reducing tape speed

Reducing the belt speed of the conveyor. According to the requirements of equipment design specifications, the belt speed of general powder is 0.8 ~ 1.0m/s.

3. Adopt horizontal tape

The tape should be arranged horizontally as much as possible. The tape is inclined and arranged, the material is easy to slide down, the speed is limited, the conveying volume is also small, and the wear of the surface of the tape increases, which shortens the service life of the tape.

4. Enhance equipment maintenance

Regularly check the lubrication of the upper and lower idlers. Clean up the dust under the tape in time to prevent the dust from contaminating the lubricating oil and keep the equipment clean.

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