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4 Types Of Solutions For Abnormal Vibration Of Thickeners

Thickener is used as concentrate and tailings dewatering treatment equipment. If abnormal vibration occurs, it will directly affect the daily production of the concentrator. The deviation of the verticality of the central column of the thickener, the deviation of the horizontality of the drive device, the unsynchronized drive mechanism, and the damage to the drive gear or bearing may cause abnormal vibration of the thickener. The thickener should be checked from these four aspects to find the cause of the vibration and formulate the corresponding solution.

deep cone thickener

1. Thickener center column verticality deviation

The deviation of the verticality of the central column of the thickener will directly lead to the inability of the thickener rake to run horizontally and evenly. After the central column is inclined, the rake frame is inclined as a whole. In the process of rotation, it is in a state of high and low, and it is easy to produce abnormal noise and vibration of the thickener. This type of vertical deviation can also cause uneven stress on the thickener drive gear. Long-term operation in this condition is prone to abnormal noise, and the problem of damage to the drive gear may also occur.

Detection method

Drain the thickener. With the central column as the core, 4 measurement points are determined on the outside of its bottom with the 4 vertices of the square as a model. From the top of the central column, use the plumb and vertical corresponding 4 measurement points to measure separately to determine whether the central column is vertical.


Correct the verticality by adjusting the backing plate at the connection of the central column of the thickener, so as to solve the problem of the deviation of the central column.

2. Drive unit levelness deviation

The rotating mechanism of the thickener is connected to the drive. Once the level deviation of the drive device occurs, it will directly lead to the deflection of the rotating mechanism during operation, resulting in abnormal vibration of the thickener. Over time, abnormal rotation caused by deflection of the drive can cause permanent damage to its internal transmission components.

Detection method

Taking the main support structure of the driving device or the upper plane of the thickener’s large gear as the detection body, static detection of 4 points is carried out through the spirit level. Then collect the dynamic detection values of the 4 points during the operation of the thickener, and determine whether there is a horizontal deviation of the driving device in the thickener through comparison.


The problem of abnormal vibration is solved by adjusting the angle between the thickener drive device and the connecting part of the central column to eliminate the horizontal deviation.

3. Drives out of sync

The thickener generally realizes its rotary drive through 2-4 drive heads. And each drive head works independently to provide power for the rotation of the thickener. When the drive head enters an abnormal working state, it will lead to the insufficient driving force for the operation of the equipment, or the drive will be blocked, or the transmission gear of a drive head will fail and be forced to drag, causing the thickener to vibrate.


Disassemble the thickener drive device, and conduct mechanical and electrical inspections on multiple drive heads to determine whether the equipment drive devices work synchronously. Then repair and correct the problem drive head to solve the asynchronous problem.

4. Thickener drive gear or bearing damage

If the thickener lacks regular maintenance and lubrication, equipment gears or bearings can be damaged by uneven forces. The faulty part will produce obvious vibration and abnormal noise during the operation. If not dealt with in time, it may cause the abnormal shutdown of the equipment and the failure of the thickener pressing the rake.


Directly repair the abnormal sound part and remove the fault.

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