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Why Does The Conveyor Belt Break?

The tearing of the conveyor belt is generally divided into horizontal tearing and longitudinal tearing. Lateral tearing is mainly caused by the breaking of the steel cord in the conveyor belt. It is generally a quality problem of the conveyor belt itself, which is difficult to prevent and control on-site. Longitudinal tearing is caused by hard objects squeezing the belt during operation. When the belt load limit is reached, the belt is pierced. The continuous operation of the belt will cause the puncture to be stretched, which may cut the entire belt.

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Reasons for conveyor belt tearing

1.Belt tearing caused by impurities in the material

Foreign matter in the material, such as ironware, wooden sticks, etc., will cause local damage to the belt body when it falls. Or the large piece of material is stuck between the roller frame and conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt is scratched and pressed for a long time, and finally the conveyor belt is penetrated and a tear is formed.

2. Improper installation of auxiliary equipment of belt conveyor

In addition to the threat of the material itself, the falling of objects on the conveyor belt is also a major cause of tearing. Falling off of vibrator liner, pulverizer hammerhead, blanking opening adjustment block, etc. may cause the conveyor belt to tear.

3. The imperfect structure of belt conveyor

The large drop at the blanking point causes the material to impact on the lower conveyor belt at a greater speed, and it is easy to insert the conveyor belt at the blanking point, causing the conveyor belt to tear.

4. Blocking material

The transfer chute is small, which can easily block the passage of materials and impurities and cause the conveyor belt to tear.

5. Tearing at the feed end

Due to the accumulation of material at the feeding end, the material enters the connecting beam between the drum and the machine head, causing tearing. Or the scraper of the feed end cleaner hangs on the metal wire and other sharp foreign objects to cause tearing.

6. Conveyor component failure caused tearing

If the roller end cover is not welded, the rotating end cover will cut the conveyor belt. When the steel wire rope in the conveyor belt is broken, the broken wire rope head will be exposed out of the cover glue from the conveyor belt joint, the sticking part or the place where the wear is serious. When the exposed wire rope reaches a certain length, it may be twisted into the drum, idler, etc., with the operation of the conveyor belt, the wire rope will be pulled out of the conveyor belt cover rubber, causing the core pull to tear.

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