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How to Prevent The Belt Conveyor From Breaking?

Belt conveyors are widely used in all industries due to the strong transportation capacity, high tensile strength, soft belt body, long life, and good economy. However, breakage may occur during regular work and operation, which not only affects the operation of the machine itself but also brings unpredictable effects to the production enterprise. The previous article listed the reasons why the belt conveyor broke. This article will talk about the measures to prevent the belt from breaking.

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Conveyor belt tear prevention measures

1. Strengthen control from the source of materials. Clean up bulk materials, increase impurity removal equipment, and reduce the threat of foreign matter and bulk materials to the conveyor belt.

2. Strengthen inspections and increase the frequency of inspections. Achieve timely discovery and timely handling of problems.

3. Improve the conveyor structure. By reducing the drop of the blanking point and increasing the buffer baffle, the fine materials fall before the bulk materials, etc., to reduce the impact, reduce the material speed, and reduce the possibility of impurities inserting the conveyor belt.

4. Equipped the tear detection device. When the conveyor belt is torn, it will be detected in the shortest time, an alarm signal will be sent out and the machine will stop, so as to minimize the length of the tear and reduce the loss. At present, the main application is the detection device for conveyor belt tearing, which is generally set at the blanking point and consists of a sensor and a controller.

5. Use the anti-tear conveyor belt. The tear-resistant conveyor belt uses steel wire rope as the longitudinal frame material, and the transverse reinforcement is added to the belt body as the tear-proof layer. The covering layer is made of rubber with high strength, high elasticity and good wear resistance.

6. Strengthen equipment management, strengthen material quality control, and carry out impurity removal control.

7. From the technical point, improve the quality requirements of the conveyor belt and improve the wear resistance of the upper cover rubber. Pay attention to the protection of conveyor belt storage.

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