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The Main Factors Affecting Screening Process of Rotary Drum Screen

Screening efficiency and productivity are important technical factors affecting the screening process of the rotary drum screen. The former is the quality index, the latter is quantity index. They are related to one another and both determine the screening quality. The factors affecting the screening process can be roughly divided into three categories.

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1. Physical properties of the material being screened

Including the material particle size composition, humidity, mud content, and particle shape. When the material humidity is large, generally speaking, the screening efficiency will be reduced. However, the larger the mesh size, the smaller the effect of moisture. Therefore, for wet materials with larger moisture content, in order to improve the screening process, generally can be used to increase the mesh method or the use of wet screening. Wet screening or pre-washing shall be used for material with large mud content (when the mud content is greater than 8%).

2. Trommel screen structure parameters

Productivity and screening efficiency is determined by the size of the screen.

The productivity depends on the width of the screen surface, and screen surface productivity is high. Screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen surface, screen surface length is high. The general aspect ratio is 2. The larger the effective screen area, the higher the productivity and screening efficiency per unit area. The larger the mesh size, the higher the unit screen surface productivity, the higher the screening efficiency.

3. Production conditions

When the load of the screen is large, the screening efficiency is low. The larger the screen, the higher the screening efficiency, the higher the productivity. Feed uniformity is important for the screening process. The tilt of the screen should be appropriate and usually determined experimentally. Then the amplitude and vibration of the sieve, which is related to the structural characteristics of the sieve.In a certain range, increasing vibration can improve the screening index.

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