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Drum Screen Price Malaysia

Drum screen price Malaysia is affected by the price of steel, the quality of the equipment, and the supply of equipment in the market. The price of drum screens from different manufacturers is definitely different. Even if it is the same equipment, different models, and specifications, the price of the drum screen is also different.

trommel screen

1. Facility cost

When the manufacturing cost of the drum screen increases, its price will naturally increase accordingly. The manufacturing costs mentioned here include material costs, process costs, labor costs, sales costs, transportation costs, and so on.

2. Equipment model

Different types of drum screens are different in terms of equipment shape and specifications. The larger the equipment specifications, the more the use of raw materials, the higher the price positioning.

3. Market influence

With the continuous increase of drum screen manufacturers on the market, it will inevitably intensify the malicious competition among peers. Mutual constraints among peers will also have an impact on the price of drum screens. Furthermore, changes in the market supply and demand relationship of the drum screen will also indirectly affect the price of the screen.

4. Factory or trader

At present, manufacturers of drum screens on the market can be roughly divided into two types: factory and trader. Among them, the trader does not have an actual production plant, but only earns the intermediate difference by reselling the products and equipment produced by other manufacturers. Therefore, when positioning the sieve price of the sieve stone in the stone factory, it is higher than the production direct distributor.

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