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Portable Aggregate Trommel Screening Maintenance

The portable aggregate trommel screen is a commonly used equipment in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries. Through the continuous rotation of the screen body, large pieces of waste stone can be thrown out, which greatly improves the output and reliability of the screening system and solves the clogging problem when screening wet materials. Sand trommel screening maintenance should be done normally to avoid affecting the production and serious damage to the trommel screen.

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High output rate: the sand output rate of the drum screen is more than 95%, which greatly improves the economic benefit.

Working efficiency: 20 – 200t per hour

Aggregate trommel screening maintenance

1. When the drum screen is turned on for the first time, or it is shut down for a long time and then restarted, the motor insulation of the drum screen should be tested before starting.

2. The drum screen should start under no-load conditions. Its starting sequence is to first open the cylindrical screen system, and then start the feeding system. On the contrary, when the production is stopped, the feeding system should be turned off first, and after the materials in the drum are sieved, then the cylindrical screen system should be turned off.

3. After using the drum screen for a few days, the fasteners of the equipment should be checked frequently. Especially the fixing screws on the cylindrical screen should be tightened in time if there is any looseness.

4. In the process of using the drum screen, it is necessary to observe the lubrication conditions of the transmission parts and the transmission frequently and add lubricating oil regularly. Moreover, the large bearings in the equipment should be replaced with lubricating oil every two months, 2/3 is suitable, not too much, otherwise, it will cause bearing heat.

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