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Nice Price Mining Rotary Screen Drum Machine in Viet Nam

Rotary screen drum machine price is not fixed that according to the processing capacity and size of the screen. The price of the drum sieve varies according to the processing capacity and the size of the sieve.

trommel screen

Rotary drum screen is a large-scale screening equipment used in quarry and mines and more industries. Different from the ordinary vibrating screen, the trommel drum screen can overcome the problem of screen blocking when screening wet materials, and can effectively provide the output and reliability of its screening system. Therefore, the drum sieve is widely popular by the majority of users.

What are the reasons that affect the price of drum screens?

1. Rotary drum screen quality

The rotary drum screen quality in different manufacturers is different, both in the selection of materials and manufacturing process. So the price is different. Therefore, choosing the right manufacturer is almost two-thirds away from choosing the right product. Since the manufacturing process is different, the price is still different.

2. Processing capacity

The size of the drum screen changes with the processing capacity. Relatively speaking, the larger the processing capacity of drum sieve, the larger the size, the higher the price. Therefore, the processing capacity is also an important factor affecting the price.

3. Vibration motor

Most machines are powered by motors, so motors are very important for a machine.

So the size of the drum screen motor is also very important. Therefore, a motor with a higher power will be more expensive than a motor with a lower power.

4. Spare parts

Every piece of equipment will have several more important parts, such as bearings, reducers. The reducer is used to balance the motor and the roller bearing. In other words, the quality of the reducer also determines the service life of the roller sieve sander. So it also affects the price.

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