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The daily maintenance of mining vibrating screen

Posted: 2020-05-12

The daily maintenance of mine vibrating screen includes regular cleaning of the screen surface, the tightening of the screen surface, timely repair, de-rusting, and painting of the paint peeling. The problems found during the regular inspection of the mine vibrating screen should be repaired immediately.

mining vibrating screen

Periodic inspection of mining vibrating screen

Weekly inspection

Checking the vibration exciter, screen surface, support device, transmission device, connection bolts, the tension of the triangle belt, and tighten it when there is looseness.

Monthly inspection

Checking the wear of the screen surface. If obvious local wear is found, the necessary measures (such as changing the position) should be taken, and the screen surface should be tightened again. Check the welds of the entire screen frame, main beam, and crossbeam. Check all the bolts on the side plate of the screen box. If there is any gap or looseness between the bolts and the side plate, new bolts should be replaced.

Mining vibrating screen repair

1. The side plates and beams of the screen frame should avoid stress concentration, so welding is not allowed on these components. The lower crossbeam should be replaced in time when it cracks. Cracks are found on the side plates, and reinforcement plates should be added at the cracked locations.

2. The repair and assembly of exciter should be carried out by a dedicated person in a clean place.

3. The new screen panel after replacement should be re-tensioned every 4-8h until it is fully tensioned.

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