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The Malfunction and Solution of Spiral Sand Washing Machine

The spiral sand washing machine is indispensable equipment in the artificial sand production line. It is mainly used to wash away impurities and mud powder in the sand, so that the artificial sand can reach the standard of construction sand. The spiral sand washer has a high degree of cleaning,low power consumption, good sealing structure, fully enclosed transmission device, and adjustable weir plate, which ensures the characteristics of high efficiency, durability, good cleaning, good dehydration effect, and stability of fine-grained products. However, the spiral sand washer will inevitably have some failures in long-term working. The following will introduce the common causes and solutions.

spiral chute sand washing

1. Shaft rupture

The main reasons for the broken shaft are uneven sand return, insufficient hollow shaft strength, uneven classifier operating load, poor shaft material processing quality, incorrect installation of the hollow shaft or bent shaft, and improper operation.

Solution: can be solved by replacing the hollow shaft or re-welding.

2. Abnormal vibration or noise

When the spiral sand washer is running, the oil is abnormally loud or vibrating.

Solution: the feeding should be stopped immediately, and after the remaining materials are processed, the generator should be stopped, and the machine should be stopped and checked, and then restarted after the inspection is correct.

3. Spiral blade bending

Generally, it is caused by the too large amount of sand returning during operation, which leads to clogging of the sand returning tank; or the screw lifting is not enough before starting.

Solution: repair or replace new spiral blades and spokes.

4. Gear damage

Long-term use of gears causes wear and damage.

Solution: replace damaged gears in time and maintain them regularly. At the same time, the shaft of the sand washer should reach the specified level.

5. Lifting rod vibration

If the shaft head is bent, sand enters the lower shaft head or the ball of the shaft head wears out, it is easy to cause the vibration of the lifting rod.

Solution: cleaning the shaft head regularly, and check the bending of the shaft head and the wear of the balls in the time.

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