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The application of mechanism sand is more and more extensive


Natural sand will continue to reduce, in mining is limited, so the natural sand is difficult to meet the needs of a large number of modern market, machine-made sand and fine sand recycling equipment good alleviate this situation, also let the pace of construction faster than before.

Washed sand stockpile from M2500 in Australia

The shortage of natural sand has not slowed down the pace of construction, and it happens to make up for the vacancy. Only the pace of modern construction of slow and fast, an increase in the number of housing construction, real estate industry situation is excellent, so that fine sand collector contribution to modern architecture is withheld, and natural sand in sand mechanism is more suitable for the construction of buildings and highway roads, because with the natural sand in sand mechanism with adjustable particle size and can have very good control, so the construction industry prefer using machine-made sand were used as raw materials.

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