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Introduction Of small Sand Washer

The sand washer itself is a machine that is more in contact with water. If the sand washer is used for a long time, more or fewer machine parts will wear out. Then someone will ask, how to extend the use time of the sand washer? Let’s take a look together.

small sand washer

A small sand washer, also known as a stone washing machine, is mainly used for removing impurities (such as dust) of sand products. Because it uses more washing methods, it is called a small sand washing machine. Among them, because it is generally used in machinery It is also called a stone sand washer. Because of its different appearance and principle, it is also called small sand machine, drum small sand machine, water wheel small sand washing machine, vibrating small sand machine, etc.

The main parts of the sand washer will be worn to a certain extent due to the long-term friction and hydraulic impact of the material. To prolong the use time of the sand washer, the editor summarized the four tips in the use of the small sand washer. Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment can make the sand washer play a greater role.

If we want to understand the maintenance work of the sand washer, we need to understand the working principle of the sand washer. The impurity removal function of the sand washer is mainly driven by the impeller. The abrasives grind each other to remove impurities on the sand surface, and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer covered by sand particles to complete the cleaning and impurity removal functions in strong water flow. The basic working principle of the sand washing machine is this. To use the sand washing machine rationally and extend its use time, it is necessary to start with the details of the production process.

small sand washer

The four main technologies to extend the use time of the sand washing machine are: first pay attention to the switching sequence of all equipment on the sand production line, and cannot be reversed. The sand washing machine should start the operation of the empty machine before the material enters. Secondly, it is necessary to operate strictly by the technical parameter table given by the sand washing equipment manufacturer. For example, the feed size of the sand washing machine is 10 mm, and the materials must be screened before the sand is fed to avoid unqualified materials from blocking the sand washing equipment. . The third operation technique is to regularly lubricate the sand washer, the machine’s dry oil lubrication and the 2/3 cavity of the second bearing. The fourth aspect is to ensure uniform feeding in the production process. If the feeding amount exceeds the load-carrying capacity of the equipment, it may cause bearing wear or excessive friction.

The above four aspects are the equipment operation skills summarized by the sand washing machine manufacturers, hoping to provide some ideas for the production of sand and gravel enterprises in terms of equipment maintenance.

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