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Factors Affecting The Recovery Rate Of Fine Sand Recovery Machine

One of the problems facing the production of machine-made sand is that the loss of fine sand is serious, and some even reach more than 20%, which not only causes losses to the enterprise but also causes environmental pollution. At the same time, it also affects the sand gradation, the fineness modulus is too coarse, and the quality decreases. Therefore, the importance of the fine sand recovery machine is self-evident.

The main function of the fine sand recovery machine is to clean, dehydrate and classify sand and gravel. It can well recover a large amount of fine sand lost by the sand washing machine in the traditional sand-making industry. While improving economic benefits, it also reduces the cost of tailings processing. The loss of fine sand will cause pollution and damage to the environment. There will inevitably be a variety of problems in production that will affect production efficiency. This article shares 5 factors that affect the recovery rate of fine sand recovery machines.

Fine Sand Recovery Machine

1. The degree of material fragmentation

Before the material enters the fine sand recovery machine, the operator must check the degree of crushing of the material. If the feed size of the fine sand recovery machine changes during production, it will be immediately reflected in the recovery link, within the allowable range, The finer the crushing particle size, the better.

2. Material hardness

The fine sand recovery equipment is suitable for ores with a Mohs hardness of less than 9, so customers must pay attention to this when purchasing. For ore with too high hardness, the fine sand recovery machine can also recover it, but it will accelerate the wear of the wearing parts and affect the fineness of sand.

3. Worn separator blades

After the blade is worn, the amount of returned sand will be reduced, and the fineness of sand will become coarser. If the blades are severely worn, it will affect the life of the separator. Therefore, the blade wear status should be checked in time during the operation, and the worn blades should be replaced in time.

Fine Sand Recovery Machine

4. The screen is damaged or the bolts are loose

In the operation, if the amount of fine sand recovered is significantly reduced or there is a lot of sand leakage, it is necessary to check whether the screen is broken or the bolts that fix the screen are loose. Given this situation, the solution is to change the screen or tighten the bolts. When the screen is worn too severely, the screen will be broken, which will reduce the efficiency of recovering the fine sand. The operator must check the screen regularly in time, and replace it in time if it is found to be worn to avoid the loss of fine sand.

5. Density of sand-water mixture

The fine sand recovery machine recovers the fine sand in the sand-water mixture. If the density of the sand-water mixture is too high or too small, the efficiency of the fine sand recovery machine cannot be maximized.

The fine sand recovery machine is usually used after the sand washing machine to extract, collect and separate the fine sand, which improves the quality of machine-made sand products and can well deal with the problem of fine sand loss in the sand production line. Understand the above influencing factors and effectively improve the production efficiency of the fine sand recovery machine.

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