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How does a sand washing plant work?

Sand washing plant is wide applied within the field of quarries, mines, transportation, utilities, and within the artefact and chemical industries. A sand washing machine,also called sand washer, is that the ideal instrumentality for sand creating and building stones reshaping. It will improve the standard of the sand as a result of the sand washer will cut back the mud and stone powder that combine with the ultimate sand.


Since the river sand is turning into worse and worse, and also the market demand for washed sand remains terribly massive, a lot of artificial sand square measure required to be factory-made. therefore the high economical sand washer is that the irreplaceable instrumentality within the sand making production line.

Sand washing machine working principle:
When it’s operating, the sand washer drives the blade within the water groove to maneuver sort of a circle transmitted by motor and decelerator, and so mixes, overturns, cleans and discharges the sand within the water groove.
The bearing device of blade drive is separated from water and materials with water, avoiding in an exceedingly massive degree that the bearings area unit broken by being soaked with water, sand or some impure things.

When it is used for cleaning sand in quarries, it has many advantages compared with the traditional spiral washer.


How about spiral sand washer?

There are typically 3 issues that when operating sand screws will be faced with:

1.The loss of quality fines to your settling ponds
The sand screw wahser is equipped with an overflow weir at the feed point which is limited to provides the mechanism for fines removal. So that quality sand is lost over the overflow weir.

2.The high and variable moisture content of the final sand product .
when working the sand is pusheed up to the elevated chamber while the water and the finer particles fall to the overflow weir.

Finally the sand product is typically discharged with between 23% to 25% moisture content ( finer material this number can be significantly higher).

3. Even use lots volumes of water, fines are not efficiently removed as your hope.

To solve the shortcomings of the spiral sand washing machine we developed the LZZG series  sand washing machine.


The use of LZZG sand washing machines equipped with hydrocyclones is that the best way to get good washed sand. This method works by the elimination of the fraction below the 75 μm grain size (200 mesh). Its performance is much higher than wheel bucket type sand washer or screw washers. The result’s a prime quality sand, with terribly low content of particles under 75 μm, but retaining the fine sand.

LZZG sand washing machine is components of pumps, motors, dewaters, hydrocyclones, etc, will be selected in accordance with the work.

These units are used for recycling, by means of hydrocyclones, fine sand which is lost in the overflow of washing equipments, like wheel washers or screws sand washers.


The main difference between a troditional sand washing machine and LZZG sand washer is that the draining stage is optional, depending on either it is necessary to drain the mixing of washed sand or recycling sand while crossing the wash element.

Also the washing pump is designed to handle smaller particles than in a sand washing machine.
The machine returns a material fraction to the sand which is indispensable to obtain its correct grain size distribution.

It is easy to check its profit. simply understand the wash water feed rate and also the material amount higher than 75 microns contained in it, then is simple to estimate the recovered sand.
In addition to this, it is important to take into account the prices of geological phenomenon ponds due to the buildup of this sand within the initial section of the method, as a result of it’ll be reduced once the installation of this recycling unit.

Now, you can inquiry the LZZG sand washing machine


customize sand washer

The wide variety of available combinations allows us to design a broad range of practically tailor-made machines to be manufactured for each client, letting him optimizing the investment for the production facility.

Depending on the percentage of material to be removed and the desired quality of the desired final product, multiple washing stages may be necessary. In this multiple stage cyclone process, the material obtained in the vortex of the first hydrocyclone goes to the tank of the next until the sand washing is completed.

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