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Automatic Control of High Efficiency Sludge Thickener

The sludge thickener is a central drive type continuous or intermittent thickening and solid-liquid separation equipment. Sludge thickeners are generally suitable for concentrate concentration or tailings dewatering in wet beneficiation operations. They can also be widely used for the concentration and purification of solid-containing slurry in smelting, coal, chemical, building materials, water supply, and sewage treatment industries.

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Automatic control of high-efficiency sludge thickener

The automatic control of the thickener can improve the efficiency of concentration, ensure a higher underflow and a satisfactory overflow, and keep the underflow uniformly discharged.

Main control items

1. The amount of flocculant added

Through the measurement and calculation of the feed concentration and the feed flow rate, the ratio of the solids in the slurry to the amount of flocculant added is kept constant, and a sufficient amount of flocculant is maintained in the slurry. Changing the number of revolutions of the flocculant pump can control the amount of flocculant added.

2. Underflow concentration and height of compression layer

The underflow concentration is linked to the rotational speed of the underflow pump, and the underflow concentration is controlled by controlling the number of revolutions of the underflow pump. When the underflow concentration is high, the speed of the pump speeds up, the pumping volume increases, and the underflow concentration changes from thick to thin; On the contrary, the number of revolutions of the pump is reduced, the pumping amount is correspondingly reduced, and the underflow concentration becomes thicker. Only when the underflow concentration meets the requirements, the pump speed will remain unchanged.

The interface height of the compression zone is interlocked with the number of revolutions of the underflow pump and has a certain corresponding relationship with the underflow flow. Therefore, the number of revolutions of the underflow pump must meet the requirements of these two parameters at the same time. The underflow pump keeps the underflow concentration stable between the upper and lower speed limits. Excessive speed will easily evacuate the material in the compression zone of the thickener, causing the underflow concentration to drop; If the rotation speed is too slow, the concentration of the underflow will increase, and the discharge pipe will be blocked easily due to poor discharge. The optimal speed of the underflow pump should control the interface of the compression zone and have an appropriate height in order to better play the role of the deposition layer.

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