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coal tailings dewatering equimpent suppliers


coal tailings dewatering equimpent suppliers—GP Mine tailing screen

GP series mine tailing screen is manufactured for processing the mine tailing. It is widely used in dehydrating iron ore, copper ore, gold ore,  aluminum ore, etc. Simple and compact structure, low invest, high working performance, little noise and easy maintenance make it a hot screen in market.

coal tailings dewatering

coal tailings dewatering


GP Mine tailing screen consists of  sieve box, vibrator, support springs, vibration isolation frame, vibration motors and  polyurethane screen.

 Working principle:

GP series mine tailing screen is driven to rotate synchronously in different directions by two vibrating motors, which makes the screen sieve move on periodical and to-and-fro linear trajectory to achieve screen classification purpose. When  feeding the mine tailing to its sieve, driven by vibration motors, water is dehydrated and the smaller size mine is separated from mine tailing.

 Technical benefits:

1. High efficiency, vibrating force and bigger capacity

2. Simple structure and easy maintenance

3. 45° angle install, increase screen area and dehydrate faster

4. Vibrating frequency is adjustable to meet different ores

5. High pressure bolts are used between side plates and beam, no weld gap and avoid side plates cracking during vibrating

6. Special bearing to long its working service

7. Polyurethane screen with better elasticity and no blocks


Model Sieve width (mm) Sieve length (mm) Sieve square meter(㎡) Sieve hole size(mm) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) LxWxH (MM)
GP1837 1800 3700 6.7 0.2-0.5 2*7.5 50~100 3963*3013*1961
GP1842 1800 4200 7.6 2*7.5 60~110 4573*3013*1973
GP2437 2400 3700 8.9 2*11 80~130 3986*3745*1961
GP2442 2400 4200 10.1 2*11 90~150 4595*3745*2032


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