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What Is The Thickening Process?

The thickener adopts a vertical sedimentation tank combined with gravity sedimentation to complete the thickening process. The slurry wastewater with a solid content of 2% to 10% is settled by gravity and raised to a slurry with a concentration of 40% to 60%. The upper part of the tank realizes clear water overflow, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification and solid-liquid separation.

deep cone thickener

What is the thickening process?

The thickener is a solid-liquid separation device based on gravity sedimentation. The metal steel plate welded plate is used as the structural material and the tank body has a circular structure. The lower part of the tank is a cone-shaped cylinder (the stack angle is 45 degrees), the pillar is a four-pillar structure, and the center feed pipe is deep to 3/4 of the body. The top of the tank is equipped with an overflow weir, the bottom of the tank is equipped with a discharge port with a discharge raft gate, and the bottom is equipped with a back-blowing blocking air inlet raft.

The thick tank can directly feed the low-concentration slurry containing 3%-20% through the upper central feed pipe. The center tube installed at the upper part of the thick tank sends the material to the bottom. After a series of effects such as slow flow and flocculation, the thickened bottom flow mud is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the tank, and enters the filter press equipment to be pressed into a mud cake. The upper part of the tank produces clean water with a higher degree of cleanliness, which is discharged from the top water outlet. The clean water can be recycled, realizing zero discharge of production wastewater.

The unit processing capacity is 2-3.5m3/m3.h, up to 5-8m3/m3.h. The concentration of overflow water is less than 0.01-1% per cubic meter, and the concentration of underflow is greater than 45%-55%. The deep cone thick tank is characterized by a deep cone, which is higher in height than other thick tanks, has strong compression and settlement, small floor space, low investment, low operating cost, and convenient management. Send the required dense materials directly to the bottom of the tank, and the particles are not easy to reverse.

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