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What Are The Main Factors Affecting The Price Of Filter Press?

As a traditional solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press is widely used in various fields. The specifications, functions, types, materials of filter presses, and production technology and quality are all different, so the price of filter presses will not be the same. When selecting a filter press, it is necessary to determine the model and material in combination with the actual usage.

chamber filter press

Factors affecting the price of filter press:

1. Filter area

The filtration area is the main factor affecting the size of the equipment. The larger the filtration area, the larger the filter plate size, the greater the number of filter plates, the larger the frame, the larger the filter chamber volume, and the higher the filtration efficiency. Conversely, the smaller the device, the lower the cost.

2. Equipment automation level

Although the equipment cost of the automatic filter press will be higher, it does not require manual supervision. It also has data recording and other functions, which can monitor various data in the operation of the machine in real-time, ensure the filtration effect, and save labor costs.

3. Matching function

There are also matching functions that affect the price of the filter press, such as auxiliary unloading devices, automatic cleaning devices, backflushing systems, etc.

Auxiliary unloading device: Generally used for viscous materials. No need for manual unloading, saving labor costs.

Automatic cleaning device: If the filter cloth is not cleaned for a long time, the filtering effect will be affected and the life of the filter cloth will be damaged. After the automatic cleaning device is turned on, it will automatically clean the filter cloth and filter plate.

4. Equipment type

Filter presses can be divided into membrane filter presses, plate and frame filter presses, and chamber filter presses. Because of the different structure of the filter plate, the price of the filter press is also different.


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