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How To Solve The Problem of Vibrating Screen Bearing Heating

The correct use and careful maintenance can prevent the bearing from heating and burning to improve the design and processing quality of the vibration exciter. The vibration exciter is the power source of the vibrating screen and is subjected to strong vibration and shock. Practical experience shows that the main bearing damages are as follows.

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1.Design reasons

A. Unreasonable design of lubrication seal structure

Many vibration exciter bearings use grease lubrication and labyrinth seal structure, and the sealing gap is generally 1 to 2 mm. In actual use, as the temperature of the exciter bearing increases, the viscosity of the grease gradually decreases. The spindle rotates at a high speed, and the grease in the labyrinth cover continuously leaks from the labyrinth cover, which eventually causes the bearing to be damaged due to lack of lubrication.

Solution: Use thin oil lubrication to improve the lubrication channel and improve the sealing structure.

B. Improper fit between the bearing and the housing hole

The matching tolerance of the bearing and the bearing seat hole is the focus of the design. Choosing a larger interference fit will force the shape of the bearing raceway to produce geometric deformation and abnormal vibration during operation. Choosing a larger clearance fit will cause the outer ring of the bearing to slide relatively in the bearing housing hole, causing the bearing to heat up rapidly and be damaged.

Solution: Choose a reasonable fit tolerance. The inner ring and the shaft of the bearing adopt a loose transition fit or clearance fit tolerance, and the outer ring and the bearing seat hole adopt a tighter transition or a slightly smaller interference fit tolerance.

C. The amount of expansion and contraction of the shaft

The operating temperature of the exciter is generally 35-60°C. The amount of expansion and contraction of the shaft caused by thermal expansion and contraction cannot be ignored.

Solution: The bearing at one end is designed as a transition or clearance fit so that the shaft of the exciter can slide relative to the inner ring during thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Manufacturing process reasons

A. Poor machining accuracy of the bearing seat hole

Solution: Use equipment with higher processing accuracy.

B. Uneven force during bearing assembly

Solution: Special tooling is used to make the inner ring or outer ring evenly compressed during the bearing assembly process.

C. The bearing is not cleaned during installation

Solution: Clean the bearing before assembly. Change the lubricating oil regularly.

D. Large installation angle error of the eccentric block

Solution: Adjust the mass and angle of the eccentric block to make it symmetrical.

3. Using and maintenance reasons

A. The abnormal vibration caused by the uneven foundation

Solution: Adjust to a horizontal basis. When installing, first use a level to measure whether the foundation is level. If it is uneven, you can adjust it by adding a pad to the foundation.

B. The loosening of the fixing bolts

Solution: Check the bolts regularly and tighten them immediately if they are loose.

C. Inappropriate selection of lubricating oil

Solution: Generally, the lubricating oil should be filled with 2/3 of the lubricating cavity. And be sure to use the exhaust bolt to exhaust. Generally, if there is no oil leakage, the exciter should be filled with lubricating oil once at 80-100h, and the filling should not exceed 1kg, and the waste oil should be discharged in time.

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