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Gravity Sludge Thickener/Thickening Tank Design for Wastewater Treatment Plant

The gravity sludge thickener design for wastewater treatment plants of LZZG adopts a large-angle deep cone tank, which greatly improves the underflow concentration and overflow water quality. The high-depth gravity thicking tank design and the effect of flocculants accelerate the concentration process. The area is smaller and the degree of automation is higher. LZZG deep cone thickener has a smaller footprint and a higher degree of automation. The processing capacity is 3-8 times higher than that of the traditional thickener, and the underflow concentration is as high as 50-70%, which greatly meets the high concentration requirements of the concentrator and the concentration of other fine particles and low-density slurry.

deep cone thickener

In the beneficiation process, most beneficiation plants use the wet separation process. However, the concentrate after this process has high moisture content and cannot be directly smelted. As the first step of dewatering operation, concentration operation has an impact of up to 9% on the overall beneficiation process and 35% on the entire dewatering operation. The concentration equipment will directly affect the dehydration effect. High-quality gravity sludge thickeners often increase the concentration of concentrate by 20%-30%, thereby enhancing the concentration effect.

The gravity sludge thickening tank design

1. Lifting device

The lifting device is mainly used to raise the rake to a certain height when there is too much solid accumulation, overload load, and maintenance, which is convenient for operation. The lifting requirements are mainly achieved through the worm gear, worm, screw drive. The lifting control can be manual or automatic control. Lifting height range: 0800mm. The lifting speed is designed according to the requirements.

2. Transmission device

The transmission device is designed according to the use requirements of high torque and low speed. According to material conditions and process requirements, the maximum power is up to 30KW, and the minimum number of revolutions is up to 0.01 revolutions per minute.

3. Rake device

The main function of the rake is to scrape the material, separate the solid phase material, and also prevent the solution from being hydrolyzed. There are two paddle and four-paddle rake. The blades of the rake are installed with a certain inclination angle, which is convenient for scraping and can reduce resistance and reduce power consumption. In the multi-stage clarification tank, the target machine can be installed in multiple layers. Our company will make relevant designs according to the technological conditions and requirements provided by you.

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