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The Operation and Maintenance of Sand Washing Classifier Machine

The sand washing classifier machine is a sand washing equipment specially developed for the production of high-quality sand and gravel. The sand washing classifier machine is easy to operate and maintain, and it is a stone washing machine commonly used in the production of sand and gravel on the market. The sand washing classifier has high working efficiency in the washing, grading, impurity removal of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials. At the same time, the spiral sand washer also needs to be well maintained to ensure stable mechanical performance and give full play to its advantages.

construction sand washing device

The advantage of the sand washing classifier machine is that it consumes less energy under the same output and the cleaned product has higher purity. The disadvantage is that the process of cleaning sand and stone consumes a lot of water and the loss rate of fine sand and stone is high. Spiral sand washing machines are widely used in highways, hydropower, construction, and other industries. The spiral sand washing machine can be divided into single spiral and double spiral according to the different structures. The single spiral sand washing machine has only one spiral blade, and the production and processing capacity is small. The double spiral sand washing machine has two spiral blades, which have strong production and processing capabilities.

Usage and instructions

1. The sand washing machine is optimized for the washing, grading, and dehydration of sand, quartz sand, and other sand units.

2. It is suitable for sand and gravel plants, construction sites, hydropower dams, glass manufacturing, oil well development, and other sand-consuming units.

3. The novel sealing structure and the adjustable overflow weir can ensure the high efficiency and durability of the sand washing classifier machine.

4. When the sand and stone contain too much dust, it will affect the output of the stone washing machine.

sand washing machine

The maintenance

1. The sand washing classifier machine can enter the sand washing production after the normal operation without load. The materials are evenly added to the stone washing machine to prevent excessive materials and poor sand washing effect. Before stopping, the feeding should be stopped, and the stone washing machine should continue to work for 5-10 minutes, and then stop the machine after the material in the cavity is discharged, so as to avoid jamming when the machine is turned on next time.

2. It is necessary to clean up the wastewater and precipitated dust in the stone washing machine in time, otherwise it will affect the sand washing effect and increase the load of the equipment.

3. The screen of the sand washing classifier machine should be replaced in time after it is worn out.

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